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This repository contains all of the AWS-related experience, study notes, example code, architecture diagrams, and other materials that are from my career experience 2011. There are so many AWS services. I have been an subject matter expert (SME) in approximately 100 different services, covering almost all areas of the IT industry. However, it’s impossible for me keep those knowledge fresh. Therefore, I documented my AWS knowledge in simple language that allow people who have no AWS experience quickly get started, for the future me. This way, I can search the document and refresh my knowledge to an expert level in 15 to 30 minutes.

这篇文档参照 官网上 Products 一栏里的分类, 为每一类 AWS Services 都创建了子文件夹 (1 级目录), 子文件夹下的子文件夹 (2 级目录) 则是一个个具体的 AWS 服务. 例如 Compute (1 级目录) / EC2 (2 级目录). 在每个具体的服务的目录下, 通常最多再延伸出两级目录 (3 级目录 和 4级目录). 3 级目录通常是这个具体服务下的一些较大的话题, 例如常见的如何创建, 管理, 删除资源, 如何 Scale, 如何确保安全等. 而 4级目录则是大话题下的具体话题, 也是大多数的有干货内容的的文档所在的级别.

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